“There is always room for change, but you have to open to that change” – Kathryn Budig

YOGA is a Sanskrit word that originates from YUJ – connect, unite – and after many interpretations of what yoga could be uniting the essence is that it unifies mind, body and spirit and for me yoga is exactly that …Ancient teachers regarded yoga as a science, often called the science of self because it seeks knowledge – the search for the real person, the self-hidden deep inside. 

I discovered yoga in 2011, back then I was burnt out from my highly demanding job in management and also due to my perfectionist tendencies, I was highly competitive and had to always be in control. I was signed off sick and ordered to rest. There I was, suffering from exhaustion, anxiety and feeling a big void inside, I was lost and looking for something more meaningful. 

Back then, my view of yoga was that I had to be flexible and fit in order to practice it, regardless of those negative thoughts I decided to follow a fantastic yoga teacher on YouTube – Ester Eckhart- and the journey began!

In the comfort of my own home I slowly and gradually started venturing into  a few poses, focusing on breathing and guided meditations. I felt the benefits immediately – almost like I was returning to my body and existence! I was finally able to quieten my overly agitated mind and find solitude.

In 2017 I enrolled on a 12 month Yoga Teacher Training at Classical Yoga School, Yoga alliance registered school RYS 200 and in August 2018 I successfully completed my training. 

My yoga classes and one on one sessions are focused on the balance between strength, focus and flexibility and end with meditation and a guided relaxation. I foster a fun but respectful environment where students feel safe, understood and in control of their own practice. 

Be well & namaste

Carla Monteiro

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